Ragnhild Goes Bad


Ragnhild’s life in a small Norwegian seaside community has turned out the way she dreamed of. Marriage, three sons, knitting and parent activities suit her well. That it doesn’t offer great intellectual challenges has never felt like a loss. She is content, so her divorce comes as a surprise. Devastated and lonely, she reluctantly starts net dating. To her surprise she meets William, a very attentive American. Suddenly she feels attractive again.

A year into their relationship, they plan a future together. When William inherits a house in Paraguay, Ragnhild goes in his place to clear the papers. She meets with a former solicitor who has helped them with the sale. He runs an orphanage, and Ragnhild brings a suitcase full of home knitted sweaters for the children. Back in the hotel, she discovers three kilos of cocaine hidden in the suitcase that was left for a moment with the nurses. She realizes William has lured her into taking a big loan on her house to finance what she now knows is a scheme. Deceived and facing bankruptcy, she makes a bold and life changing decision: to smuggle the cocaine home. In Norway she will find a way to sell the drugs so that she can save her house and secure a pension. When Ragnhild embarks on her criminal journey, she has no other experience in the field from watching TV shows and reading crime stories, but she ends up as the most inventive drug dealer Norway has ever seen.

Creator: Vibeke Idsøe and Helen Vikstvedt
Director: Vibeke Idsøe
Producers: John M. Jacobsen and Ellen Alveberg
Produced by: Filmkameratene AS
Genre: Thriller Crime
Duration: 8 × 45 min
Expected Production year: 2019
Expected delivery: 2020