Till Death Do Us Part


TILL DEATH DO US PART is a story of a murder, the suspected killer and his wife. The series portrays the high price a couple has to pay in order to hide a dark secret . A secret that binds them, and at the same time rips them apart. The series evolves around their relationship and family secrets.

When Malin’s husband Tobias is suspected of murder, she is faced with an impossible choice. Should she let justice take its course and lose him, or conceal the truth in order to protect her family? When Malin chooses the latter alternative, the couple’s life together becomes a struggle to keep their grisly secret and try to keep their marriage together, while in the process their true selves are revealed.

TILL DEATH DO US PART will be a bold, raw and definitely unique Swedish drama series. Normal Swedish life, loving couples and innocent children, all things worth sacrificing everything for. Here criminality collides with the school run, leisure activities, neighbourhood projects, couples’ dinners and school parents’ meetings.
Will Malin and Tobias succeed in loving each other for better or worse, or will death part them?

Creators: Björn Carlström, Stefan Thunberg and Veronica Zacco
Director: TBA
Producers: Per Janérus and Björn Carlström
Produced by: Harmonica Films and SF Studios
Genre: Drama Thriller
Duration: 8 x 55 min
Expected Production year: 2019
Expected delivery: 2020