In Development: Vildmark – NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE


WILDERNESS is the tale of a community way up North in the mountains of Røros, a former mining town with a brutal and beautiful nature. A place where people live either because they were born there, randomly placed there by life or because they are hiding from something or someone. When Finn finds his sheep killed, he immediately knows who’s to blame. The rich and self proclaimed sami chief Bilzi’s ferocious dog, Horagallis. And as is wasn’t enough, Finn ́s wife, Siri, tells him that she’s leaving him for Bilzi, and taking their daughter, Marin, with her. Finn ́s world crumbles, and he starts a fight against the injustice he’s a victim of.

In the small community of Røros we meet Bilzi’s cowed half- brother Heige. We meet the undertaker, the pastor, the Finnish smugglers and the pimp, Stein, with the two Albanian women Elena and Drita who tend to lonely men for a fitting payment. There is plenty of loneliness. Amidst their different conflicts, everyone, in each their way, looks for a hand to hold, a little light, a little warmth, find a bit of love in a corner of the world where there is no shortage of neither alcohol, guns or secrets.

Creator: Kim Fupz Aakeson
Director: TBC
Producers: Finn Gjerdrum and Rikke Ennis
Produced by: Paradox and REinvent Studios
Genre: Dramady
Duration: 8 x 45 min
Expected Production year: 2019
Expected delivery: 2020