In development: Midwinter Blood

MIDWINTER BLOOD is an eight-part supernatural thriller set in Uppsala University, centered around the main character Filippa, and about a group of students on the brink of adult- hood as they embark on a journey of existential exploration and the hunt for a killer. The students inadvertently discover a drug invented by the famous eighteenth-century mystic scientist Emanuel Swedenborg, which allows them to see and communicate with dead people. One of the students, Pentti, finds a lost document buried deep in the library of Carolina Rediviva’s archive, which turns out to be written by Swedenborg in 1745. The document describes a secret so- ciety and includes a recipe for a hallucinogenic drug, which had been the unknown key into the spirit world. The secret society is revived and new members are discreetly invited. If the document turns out to be genuine, and the experiment succeeds, it will be a scientific sensation. But the morning after the experiment, Pentti turns up dead, murdered, and none of the others have any recollection of the events from the night before. Could one of them be the killer? Or is there a more supernatural explanation after all?

Creator: Kristina Svärd
Director: Daniel Di Grado
Producer: Anna Lo Westlin
Produced by: SF Studios
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Duration: 8 × 45 min
Expected Production year: 2019
Expected delivery: 2020