In development: Awake

AWAKE is an eight part TV-series in the thriller/horror genre, about a group of students that take part in a medical study in which they are kept awake for 25 consecutive days and nights. They soon discover that messing with nature has a price. What seems at first to be the ultimate solution for busy days with too few hours turns into a battle of life and death. The drug they are taking eliminates their need for sleep. Their dreams and nightmares however, slowly manifest in the real world. As the series progresses, the group attempts to come together. They find that they need to neutralize the effects of the drug in order to fall asleep before their nightmares destroy them. How does insomnia affect the psyche? What cost are we willing to pay for increased effectivity? What happens to our bodies, to our minds? And above all, what becomes of our nightmares when we can ́t sleep?

Creators: Emilio di Stefano, Amanda Leissner and Johan Storm
Director: Johan Storm
Producer: Lizette Jonjic
Produced by: Zentropa Sweden
Genre: Thriller Horror
Duration: 8 × 25 min
Expected Production year: 2019
Expected delivery: 2020