REinvent Packaging

REinvent Studios develops, finances and co-produces various projects, hereunder international and local TV series, feature films and short series formats. REinvent Studios team assesses carefully each project to see how to contribute with development financing, project finance, cash flowing, gap financing or MG’s depending on the need. In every project REinvent Studios will assist in
making the package as attractive as possible and finding the appropriate financing for the project in new and innovative ways.

Packaging means that you make sure that the creative elements are as strong as possible so that financing for the project can be greenlighted and executed. Everything from scriptwriter, story, director, actors, language, budget, target group, visual marketing elements, sales strategy etc. need to match perfectly in order to stand out in a very competitive market. The role of the packaging company is to be a soul mate to the producer, always ensuring that the project is on the right track
and at the same time establishing the right collaborations on an early stage so that the project suits the end exploitation platform, broadcaster and/or commissioner.
Packaging should be an organic process. REinvent Studios will not force itself into the project on idea stage if the producer has the capacity and wishes to develop on its own. REinvent Studios can also enter the project on a later stage and complete the packaging of other creative elements and can also distribute the project internationally.

REinvent Studios acts as a creative producer or executive producer but will typically co-produce with a third-party production company. These projects will come from different sources: Some are initiated with an idea from REinvent Studios, some come from writers with a great idea and others come from production companies who need creative advice and/or financial support.

REinvent Studios believes in the power of partnerships. By attaching the right partners to the project, we ensure that the artistic vision is respected and we define a solid strategy to maximise the revenues for all the partners around the table.

Contact REinvent’s Isabelle Pechou and Peter Ahlén for more on Packaging.

Isabelle Pechou

Peter Ahlén